Stop Your Teenager’s Summer Slide

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Warm weather, sunny days, school’s out and your teenager is about to enjoy a summer’s worth of outdoor physical activity. Not so fast. Xbox, Wii, iPhone, iPad and when all else fails TV create more electronic distractions for young people than ever. Each one pulls them ever deeper into an addictive pit of sedentary, mind-numbing, couch-potato syndrome. It used to be that you only had to worry about getting your child to read a book or two over the summer. These days, however, your teen is more likely to be less physically fit in September than he or she was when school year ended.

The summer fitness slide is a real thing and it’s not easy to beat. Well, it did not used to be easy anyway. Nyack Boot Camp has the answer. Beginning July 3rd Nyack Boot Camp’s 6-week Teen Summer Fitness program will create and build an extraordinary level of fitness in your child. Our program will have you son or daughter entering their school year in their best physical condition ever. They will be ready to meet the school year’s academic and athletic challenges with a stronger body and a focused mind. Our program will use various tools including Battling ropes, sandbags, Rage balls, suspension loops, kettlebells and more to get your teen fit while having a fun, varied workout at the same time. Invest in your teenagers future this summer. Join the Teen Summer Fitness program at Nyack Boot Camp. $180 for six weeks,classes meet three times a week, MWF 4:30-5:30pm. Space is limited, enroll now. 845.558.0351 or #GetStrong #Fitness #Kettlebells #FitnessFriday

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