High T

Beth Chamberlin

High T

At this 4:30pm class we won’t be serving you tea and scones. We’ll get your heart racing and your muscles pumping with High Intensity Interval Training using kettlebells, battling ropes, Rage balls, sandbags and more.

I came in 3rd place in the Hook Half Marathon this morning – Nyack Boot Camp works!John Altieri

Stress Relief

If you’ve had a busy, stressful day, nothing beats vigorous exercise for relieving that tension. You can boost your energy for the rest of the evening, then rest easy when it’s time for bed.


  • Fast Results
  • Low Time Commitment
  • Increased Metabolism
  • No Boring Reps and Sets
  • Fat Burning and Muscle Building
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Monthly pricing varies by number of classes in that month. Payment for all classes in each boot camp is due on or before the first class in each camp. Missed classes may be made up within the same month at any of our other classes. Missed class credits do not carry over to another month’s boot camps. New students joining mid-month will have their session pro-rated. You only pay for the number of classes left in the month.