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Enroll in the Nyack Boot Camp 90-Day Physique Transformation Program and gain control of your weight permanently.

The Nyack Boot Camp 90-Day Physique Transformation Program is a physician designed and supervised program that utilizes leading-edge nutrition and exercise science to create effective, safe and permanent weight loss. Using state-of-the-art nutrition Dr. Peter Roy’s program helps you overcome the 5 hidden obstacles that prevent most people from achieving their weight loss goals.

The 90-Day Physique Transformation Program is designed to target your body fat and protect your muscle tissue from being metabolized in your weight-loss process. This key component of permanent weight-loss is specifically designed and formulated for each participant according to their physiological profile. Dr. Roy uses dietary information, health history and laboratory testing when necessary to create a plan that works for each individual client.

90-day Physique Transformation

Get off the weight loss rollercoaster and learn how to shed those extra pounds fast and forever using our physician-designed weight loss program. Let the Nyack Boot Camp 90-Day Physique Transformation Program help you achieve lasting results today!

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Overcome the 5 hidden obstacles to weight loss with our Lean Body, Paleo Cleanse, Probiotic and Weight loss packages.

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These packets are designed to assist the body in using fat for fuel and to help support healthy insulin, cortisol and energy levels. They are a great boost for any weight loss program.
Each packet contains:
  • 2 Carnite Synergy capsules
  • 2 EndoTrim capsules
  • 1 Thermo-EFx capsule
The PaleoMeal® Plus Lean Body Program is designed to support healthy weight loss and successful weight maintenance by helping individuals lose fat while maintaining
lean muscle. The program is easy to follow which translates into high compliance and great outcomes. The simple steps to success are highlighted in the patient guidebook which is included in every program kit. Each kit contains:

  • 28 single-serving PaleoMeal® DF drink packets – dairy-free functional food powder containing 17 g protein per serving from non-GMO, North American grown yellow peas
  • 28 – Weight Loss Support Packets which include 1 Thermo-EFX capsule, 2 Camitine Synergy capsules,
    2 EndoTrim‘ capsules
  • Program Guidebook – detailed patient guide with supplement schedule
  • Sample menus and suggested food and snack options
  • Shaker Bottle

Made with non-GMO ingredients.

I lost 18 pounds in my first six weeks at Nyack Boot Camp.Michael Beckerich
Now contains USDA certified organic pea protein! PaleoCleanse Plus” is a comprehensive, science-based nutritional program designed to support safe and effective detoxification. This is accomplished by providing the nutrients needed to support and balance phase I and II metabolic pathways and to promote healthy liver function and elimination. Everything is consolidated into packets to make the program easy to follow and to ensure that individuals on the program do not miss any necessary nutrients.
Each 14 day kit provides:

  • 28  single- serving PaleoCleanse Plus” functional food powder drink mix packets
  • 28 capsule packets containing 3- Amino-D-Tox” capsules & 1 Hydrolyzyme‘” capsule
  • Program Guidebook – detailed patient guide with supplement schedule
  • Sample menus. and suggested food and snack options
  • Shaker Bottle
    Made with non-GMO ingredients.
With probiotic supplements. it’s all about the survival of three major barriers: during the manufacturing process. on the shelf and through stomach acid. Probiotic Synergym is
formulated to survive these barriers with cutting edge technology that uses the most advanced patented delivery and shelf stability technology available to ensure
maximum potency and viability. It is this Probiospheres tableting technology and shape that protects fragile probiotic organisms from harsh stomach acid and delivers the
highest number of live organisms to the intestinal tract. The end result-higher potency, superior delivery, and minimal waste.
Made with non-GMO ingredients.