Beating Cellulite

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Stop spending your hard earned dollars on miracle creams and treatments. Here’s why they don’t work. . . By Peter G. Roy, DC, CFT March 10, 2015 Also known as orange peel syndrome, cellulite primarily affects women in their late teens and older. Theories abound as to why this occurs, and there are most likely numerous factors that can lead … Read More

Weight Loss & Fruit

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Although fruit is vital to a healthy, balanced diet and very good for you, it is important to remember that fruit is a form of carbohydrate (sugar). Moreover, most fruits are high glycemic index carbs, which means they deliver a lot of sugar into your bloodstream very quickly. This can be a problem when you are trying to lose weight … Read More

Runner Shatters His Own Personal Record

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When Chris came to his first workout at Nyack Boot Camp about 3 months ago he had been hearing from his mom how great our training is and finally decided to give it a try – maybe just to get her off his back, I don’t know. He told me his goal was to develop more strength, especially in the … Read More

Summer Slide

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Every September when the school year begins we hear about the “summer slide” – that drop in children’s scholastic abilities that is attributed to 10 weeks of vacation spent avoiding all situations where learning might actually take place.  Thankfully the agile little minds of our children seem to kick into gear fairly quickly once classes begin and they start exercising … Read More