Beth Chamberlin’s Guide to Taking Care of Your Skin

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Younger looking skin

Younger-Looking Skin by Beth Chamberlin

Take care of your skin from the inside and the outside.

Engaging in regular vigorous exercise has helped to keep my skin looking younger than my years. The reason for this is that vigorous exercise helps pump blood and, therefore, nutrients and oxygen into deeper layers of the epidermis. This helps ensure younger-looking skin. Strength-training in particular is important too because undeveloped/flaccid muscle pulls and weighs the skin down, creating more sagging. Work on your upper body strength and you will start to notice less sagging at the jawline. Exercise along with sunscreen has been my primary way to stay looking young. Yes, I get good quality face cream and I use Pond’s to cleanse my face (been a believer in this for years), but that has been the extent of my outside skin care. I don’t like getting facials. Most find it relaxing but I keep thinking of all the things I could be getting done. Well, I guess I’m going to have to find a way to enjoy it. I had an experience this last Thursday that has made me a believer. On Thursday I used a gift certificate to have Dermaplaning and an LED treatment done by Marisa Colson of Village Skin Studio. I went having absolutely no idea what either treatment was. Turns out Dermaplaning removes the dead skin with a blade and the LED treatment helps to build collagen. I left the treatment, my skin looked good but nothing crazy. The next day and the day after that and day after that, my skin looks amazing. I can’t believe the difference. While I was there Marisa mentioned that make up artists love it for their brides because make up goes on so well. On Friday evening I decided to give it try even though I don’t normally wear make up unless there is a special event going on. Boy, was she right. The foundation went on so well it didn’t look like I was wearing it at all, just looked like I had great skin. Wish I knew about this treatment back when I was on Guiding Light. As for the LED treatment I assume that will take time to judge. New collagen doesn’t form overnight. For now though I am just happy with the Dermaplaning. As I said, guess I’m going to have to get used to spending a half hour to take care of my skin from the outside. I’m just a client so if you want to know more about these treatments contact Marisa through #SelfcareSunday #GuidingLight #skincare

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