The Best Whey To Weight Loss

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For many of our clients, Nyack Boot Camp is part of their overall plan to lose weight. For weight-loss to be healthy and permanent our strength training program is essential but it cannot effect weight-loss on its own. A diet designed to restrict calories and provide the proper nutrients is critical to success, and the key ingredient is protein.

A recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research reported the following results that support the use of whey protein for weight-loss plans:

Whey protein helped preserve lean body mass (muscle) while the control group that used carbohydrate supplementation lost muscle mass.
The whey protein group lost significantly more fat mass than the control group.
The whey protein group increased upper body strength whereas the control group did not.
Whey protein assist in loss of body fat mass while maintaining muscle.
Carbohydrate supplementation does not protect muscle, nor does it promote fat loss.

At Nyack Boot Camp we have long been proponents of whey protein supplementation to support muscle after exercise. This study is just more evidence of how effective whey protein can be in helping you achieve your body transformation goals.

We use a whey protein shake to replace one meal a day. For us it is usually lunch. We try to take it within 30-45 minutes of completing our workout. It will help to keep your calorie count low, will support your muscle restoration and will keep your hunger in check, especially later in the day when you get those afternoon munchies. We mix ours with unsweetened coconut milk and a frozen banana. Give this a try yourself. We think you’ll see that it helps to supercharge your results.

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